Our Products

Bridgeport's products are made in Italy, and continue to revolutionize the industry with innovative designs.

A/C Valves

Bridgeport supplies air conditioning valves, cores, fittings and terminals to most major OEMs and their tiered suppliers. View our line of air conditioning valves - click here.

Fluid & Gas Valves

Fluid & Industrial Gas Valves from Bridgeport are manufactured with the most advanced technologies in the industry. View our line of Fluid & Industrial Gas valves - click here.

Refrigerant Valves

Bridgeport refrigerant gas valves are built to highest standards to assist with your environmental and safety needs. View our line of refrigerant gas valves - click here.

Tire Valves

Bridgeport is a premier manufacturer of tire valves for motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, and construction/ag vehicles. Our products epitomize the ideals of quality, longevity, reliability, safety, innovation, and tradition. View our line of tire valves - click here.