Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Buy Bridgeport products?

 Bridgeport USA makes Bridgeport products available via our strong distributor network. Contact Us to learn more about becoming a Bridgeport USA dealer.
2. Where Are Bridgeport Motorcycle Valves Used?

 The innovative Bridgeport motorcycle valve is available in two different diameters:
8.3 mm - ideal for motorcycle brands such as Ducati, Motoguzzi, Triumph and MV; and rims Antera, Marvic, Marchesini, OZ-Racing and Brembo.
11.3 mm - ideal for all brands of Japanese motorcycle manufacturers and standard rims.
3. Where are Bridgeport srl’s products made?

 Bridgeport srl designs and manufactures industry-leading products in Italy, employing the latest technologies and highest quality materials.
4. Who is Bridgeport USA?

 Bridgeport USA, LLC was established in 2011 by Bridgeport srl to provide domestic sales and service for their products in the North American market.